Events form part and parcel of our lives both at individual and corporate level. These milestones are cherished for their importance and memories associated with them. Hence it is important that no stone is unturned to make them the very best. Hence specialists come into the picture.
Spotlight Events are past masters at organizing events both big and small. With ten years of experience in the business the men behind this company have executed some of the most remarkable events in the industry. From Seminars to Weddings, Conferences to Sporting Events and Parties to Mass Weddings they have done it all. Spotlight Events have the credit of pulling off some of the most remarkable events within limited budgets.


Seedon D’Souza

Seedon D’Souza is the Founding Partner of M/s. Spotlight Events. He brings with him rich experience after working in the field for the last ten years. He has done his Post Graduation in Event Management from National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai (NIEM) after doing his Bachelor in Mass Media ( BMM Advertising). He has effectively contributed to various campaigns in Creative Departments of companies such as M/s. Spotlight Publications, M/s. Focus Communications, M/s. Purple Orchid and M/s. SquaredCircle Events.

Gordon D’Souza

Gordon D’Souza has shown his creative and management skills as Editor and Publisher of Christian Spotlight -the Community Journal. He is President of The Bombay Catholic Sabha, State Secretary of All India Catholic Union, one of the Conveners of Christian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Member of Dimensions Forum for Businessmen and Professionals and Coordinator – AGNI (Action for Good Governance & Networking in India).
He brings with him large experience of organizing events both big and small. He has organized various Conferences, Seminars, Weddings, Cultural Programs, Food Festivals, Tele-Games, etc. He has shown his skills in organizing various Parish Jubilee events, Annual Day events, Civic and Political Events, etc. Besides he has been a Professional Emcee & Toast Master for Weddings and Training Programs
Together we have done major events such as CANA 2013 – First Christian Mass Marriage Celebration in Mumbai, ‘Together We Soar’ – Laity Consultation for Western Region, ‘Silver Ocean’ – 25th Anniversary Wedding and ‘Care for Creation’ – A Symposium for Protection of Environment.